About Us


The story of Villa Vinea started in 2004, when Heiner Oberrauch discovered in the middle of Transylvania, near the city of Tîrgu-Mureș, this beautiful, promising land.


“I fell in love instantly with this area and, to this day, I still remember the first time I set eyes on it: its charming landscape of the Tarnave river, carefully caressed by light, with hills that reminded me of an untamed Tuscany. I decided to make it my home, start a vineyard and create unique wines, of great character, that would remain memorable with those who taste them.” - Heiner Oberrauch, Villa Vinea owner

The area proved to not only be beautiful, but to possess a unique set of climatic and geological conditions, that would support to the owner’s commitment. The South-Western exposure slopes would offer vines natural protection against the winds and mists of spring and autumn, its brown soil with alternating layers of clay, impermeable marble, sandstone and sand would retain heat and humidity, while the altitude of 330-350 meters above sea levels would ensure excellent sun exposure. In what climatic conditions are concerned, here, the foggy days that start at the end of summer and continue until September and October, contribute to a slow maturing of grapes, enhancing their flavours and acidity.

The vineyard that now exceeds 60 hectares, is planted with local and international varieties, with a southeastern alignment. The first grape varieties featured were Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Gewürztraminer, Pinot Noir, and Merlot. A German white variety, Kerner, and an Austrian red one, Zweigelt, were also added to the portfolio, being some of Mr. Heiner’s favorites from home, Italy’s Suedtirol.

This conjunction of local and international was extended to the fascinating collaboration between two men - Italian winemaker Lucin Celestino - declared Winemaker of the Year 2009 by the famous magazine Gambero Rosso - and Denes Mihaly, the cellarmaster, who spent his working life into the vineyard and learnt with each season, the craft of making memorable wines.