• Cuvee Celest

Cuvee Celest

95,00 lei incl. TVA

DOC-CMD Tarnave – Tarnaveni

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This is a Romanian sparkling wine made by traditional method in Transylvania, Romania. It has a vibrant acidity combined with subtle lees aromas, discrete hints of ripe fruits and intensely citric notes. Fine effervescence, well integrated sugar, firm structure, nothing is too much, nothing disturbs.

[de tradus in Ro]

Feteasca Regala 50%, Riesling de Rin 40% si Pinot Noir 10% si maturat 3 ani in butelie, incanta cu arome subtile de patiserie impletite cu note subtile de fructe coapte si citrice, aciditatea vibranta si perlajul fin.

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