Mihaly Denes. Winemaker

Misi Denes is the winery’s local oenologist, which, together with Italian winemaker Celestino Lucin, signs the Villa Vinèa wines. 

Joining founder Heiner Oberrauch in 2006, when the vines were planted, the professional is the team’s first member. Misi is considered our project’s “red thread”, as he has been actively involved in what led to the winery’s milestones and left his mark on the brand’s development, as well as on the Villa Vinèa products. 

At the winery, Misi coordinates the production and bottling activities throughout the year and, together with Celestino, with whom he has a strong friendship, manages to transform each grape variety and each blend into an expression of the Transylvanian terroir, the passion for oenology and the perfectionism that they both share. 

“I think of myself as a blessed man, for being born in the Tarnave Valley, an area with a strong winemaking culture, and for inheriting this enthusiasm for good wines, from my grandfather, which, around 1975, created his own vineyard. I love nature, I love each day spent in the winery and I remember dearly each Villa Vinèa vintage. My favorite is 2011, when I discovered, together with Celestino, the high quality level that we may accomplish together. It was a memorable experience, that marked the beginning of our journey and which we relive each year, with a newfound intensity.”, says Misi. 

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