Villa Vinea Argilla White Magnum bottles (Limited Edition)

330,00 lei incl. TVA



As the name suggests, Argilla is the supreme expression of the terroir in the Târnavelor area, a white,
complex, gastronomic wine, obtained by assembling two local varieties representative of the area –
Fetească regală and Fetească albă – with a semi-aromatic international, well integrated in local soil –
Sauvignon Blanc. Argilla 2016 spent 18 months in oak barrels, slightly burned on the inside, and
during this time extracted from the wood fine tannins and aromas specific to maturation and malolactic
fermentation. Subsequently, aging for 24 months in magnum bottles, finished the aromas of the wine,
making it reach a high degree of complexity. The label was also designed to express the depth of the
clay, being made by hand, along with local producers from the Cheese Factory. Thus, each of the 284
bottles from the 2016 edition has the label sandblasted in glass, the logo painted by hand and uses a
hood made by hand, by the Villa Vinèa team. For extra elegance and protection, all Argilla Magnum
bottles are delivered in a wooden box.

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